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Martini is more than the Vermouth. It's the story of two men with a vision of a fertile land where expert winemaking meets wild botanicals and of a legacy of craftmanship and expertise in every bottle.

They made an unlikely duo: a clever entrepreneur and a master herbalist. But when Alessandro Martini and Luigi Rossi took over the National Wine & Spirits Distillery in a small village near Turin, magic happened.

It was in 1863 that Martini's enterprising spirit and Rossi's creative genius were galvanised into a vermouth that has endured for more than 150 years: the inimitable Martini Rosso.

From the aromatic botanicals of the famous vermouth to the golden effervescence of the Asti wines, Martini's influence has spanned continents and decades. Yet its essence will always be steadfastly rooted in the Piedmont region.

Whether it's the limited editions that celebrate the history or the time-honoured classics loved by bartenders the world over, every bottle of Martini starts with the wines, carefully selected from only the best harvests.

The vermouth is blended with crisp white wines, together with carefully formulated combinations of aromatic fruit, barks, exotic spices and herbs.

Established on the Turin-Asti-Genoa train line – between the wine-producing Monferrato hills and Genoa, gateway to international markets. Martini would go on to travel the world from this tiny spot. Yet the company has always cleaved hard to its roots, even developing a community programme to support the people of the village.


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